LSE UPD Presence at American Association of Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting


Many UPD (Urbanisation, Planning and Development) research cluster members presented their work and actively took part as organisers, chairs, discussants and panelists in this year’s AAG (American Association of Geographers) annual meeting, which was held in Boston, USA between 4-9 April 2017. You can find detailed information about sessions by clicking the links below or through the Online Program Calendar.



Dr Austin Zeiderman

Dr Julie Ren

  • Presenter, ‘(Extra)ordinary Beijing: On urban ontologies and artistic practice’ in the Paper Session China as Methods I



Yi Jin

Taneesha Mohan

Carwyn James Morris

Pablo Javier Navarrete Hernandez

Mara Cristina Nogueira Teixeira

Do Young Oh

Harry Petit

Meredith Whitten

Yimin Zhao

  • Chair and Organizer of the Paper Session China as Methods II
  • Organizer and Presenter, ‘Space as Method: Field Sites and Encounters in Beijing’s Green Belts’ in the Paper Session China as Methods I

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