Congratulations to all MSc students graduating on 12 December 2017

Today marks the graduation of students who have received their final exam results and degree classification in November 2017, having completed their studies in MSc Urbanisation and Development, MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies, and MSc Human Geography and Urban Studies (Research).

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the students and their families! We are also happy to announce the prize winners for this year as listed below. Many congratulations for their great achievements!


MSc Urbanisation and Development & MSc Human Geography and Urban Studies (Research)

  • Best Overall Performance

Katy Brown (MSc UD)

  • Joint Winner of Best Dissertation Prize

Deppa Janetta (MSc UD)
Dissertation title | “Taking Refuge in Istanbul: Challenging the Discord between Provision of Rights and Received Benefits for Migrants from Syria”

Elizaveta Losseva (MSc UD)
Dissertation title | “MAPPING GENDERED VIOLENCE IN CITIES: A Comparative Study of Digital Interventions in Delhi”

MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies

  • Best overall performance

Gabriela Neves De Lima

  • Winner of Best Dissertation Prize

Elizabeth Crump
Dissertation title | “Reimagining Urban Planning: from institution to innovation – a comparative exploration of temporary urbanism and the future of city-making”


And, here are a few images from the reception. More pictures can be viewed on the department’s Facebook page by clicking here:

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