UPD Cluster Away Day, June 2018

In June, members of the Urbanisation, Planning and Development cluster gathered for an away day at the October Gallery in London.

Faculty and research students who were able to attend joined in a retreat day of reflection, planning and socialising. Current PhD students joined faculty in the afternoon for tea and cake, and a discussion about the research community and preparation for post-PhD life.


UPD faculty in attendance, pictured from left to right: Ryan Centner, Sylvia Chant, Claire Mercer, Hyun Bang Shin, Alan Mace, Nancy Holman, Megan Ryburn, Gareth Jones and Austin Zeiderman (photo credit: Ryan Centner)
Faculty and Research Students in Attendance, pictured from left to right. Top Row: Gareth Jones, Murray Low, Austin Zeiderman, Alan Mace, Claire Mercer, Hyun Bang Shin, Billy Ndengeyingoma, Ryan Centner, Yi Jin. Bottom Row: Paroj Banerjee, Laura Antona, Megan Ryburn, Meredith Whitten, Nancy Holman, Martina Manara, Carwyn Morris, Yimin Zhao.


Thank you to Paroj Banerjee for coordinating photography.

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