Graduated Name Supervisor Thesis Current placement
2014 Andrea Gibbons Gareth A. Jones and Sharad Chari Segregation in Search of Ideology? Hegemony and Contestation in the Spatial and Racial Configuration of Los Angeles
2014 Jayaraj Sundaresan Murray Low and Gareth A. Jones Urban Planning in a Vernacular Governance – Land use Planning and Violations in the city of Bangalore, India
2014 Claire Brickell Claire Mercer Migration with A Mission: The Transnational Lives of Evangelical Missionaries in Post Communist Albania
2014 Kerwin Datu Simona Iammarino The Role of the Global Network of Cities in the Development of Peripheral Cities and Regions
2014 Edyta Materka Gareth A. Jones and Sharad Chari Informal economies of combination in post/socialist Poland (1945-P)
2014 Sin Yee Koh Claire Mercer
British Colonial Legacies, Citizenship Habitus, and a Culture of Migration: Mobile Malaysians in London, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Public Policy, City University of Hong Kong
2013 Simon Uribe Gareth A. Jones and Sharad Chari The state at the frontier. A historical ethnography of a road in the Putumayo region of Colombia
2013 Alice Evans Sylvia Chant ‘Women Can Do What Men Can Do’: The causes and consequences of growing flexibility in gender divisions of labour in Kitwe, Zambia LSE Fellow in Human Geography, LSE
2013 Antoine Paccoud Murray Low A Politics of Regulation: Haussman’s Planning Practice and Badiou’s Philosophy LSE Fellow in Human Geography, LSE
2013 Antonis Vradis Diane Perrons Patterns of contentious politics concentration as a ‘spatial contract’; a spatio-temporal study of urban riots and violent protest in the neighbourhood of Exarcheia, Athens, Greece (1974-2011) Research Fellow at (ESRC Future Research Leaders)
2013 Maria Inclan Valadez Gareth A. Jones The ‘Casas GEO’ movement: an ethnography of a new housing experience in Cuernavaca, Mexico
2013 Cynthia Goytia Gareth A. Jones An Institutional Approach Towards Informality in Irregular Settlements Urban Economics Professor and the Graduate Programme in Urban Economics Director at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011 Gwendolyn Beetham Sylvia Chant Representing ‘Success’ in Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Programming: A Feminist Ethnography of Aid in Haiti 2005-2009
2010 Laurence Vagassky Gareth A. Jones Upgrading in Pikine’s informal settlements: a kick start to economic transformations  
2009 Debora Cavalcanti Gareth A. Jones Fighting for a place in the city: social practices and state action in Maceio, Brazil  
2009 Carolyn Williams Sylvia Chant, co-supervised with Henrietta Moore Sexuality, rights and development: Peruvian feminist connections  
2009 Ioannis Kaplanis Diane Perrons Spatial patterns of employment polarisation and local capital spillover effects in Britain Economist
2009 Victoria Hands Andrew Thornley Sustainable development and local planning: a study of the plan-making process in the London Borough of Southwark  
2008 Pushpa Arabindoo Gareth A. Jones Absent societies: contouring urban citizenship in postcolonial Chennai Lecturer, Department of Geography, UCL
2008 Francisco Mata Andrades Andrew Thornley A development of a phenomenological approach to the image of the city and city marketing Dean of Undergraduate Studies, IE University, Spain
2007 Laurence Crot Andrew Thornley The construction of Buenos Aires’ urban planning agenda  
2007 Dorothea Kleine Diane Perrons Empowerment and the limits of choice: microentrepreneurs, information and communication technologies and state policies in Chile Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London
2007 Lavrentios Vasiliadis Diane Perrons Foreign direct investment in Greece: an analysis of underperformance Civil Servant at Ionian Islands Regional Authority
2007 Katherine Brickell Sylvia Chant Gender relations in the Khmer ‘home’: post-conflict perspectives Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, Royal Holloway University of London
2007 Kuniko Shibata Andrew Thornley The state, planning and the public interest: the development of city planning in Japan  
2006 Ljiljana Grubovic Murray Low Belgrade in transition: an analysis of illegal building in a post socialist city  
2006 Murat Yalcintan Andrew Thornley Globalisation, politics and planning decisions: a case study of Koc University in Istanbul Lecturer, Faculty for Architecture, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey
2006 Anna Coates Sylvia Chant Health, reproduction and identity: indigenous women of Chiapas, Mexico Deputy Regional Director, Americas and the Caribbean at UN Women
2006 Susan Moore Andy C. Pratt New Urbanist housing in Toronto: a critical examination of the structures of provision and housing producer practices Lecturer, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL
2006 Shiuh-Shen Chien Ian R. Gordon Policy innovation, asymmetric decentralisation and local economic development in post-Mao China Associate Professor, Department of Geography, National University of Taiwan
2006 Steve Hammer Yvonne Rydin Urban policy for renewable energy: case studies of New York and London Lead Urban Specialist – Cities and Climate Change, The World Bank
2005 Deborah Smith Sylvia Chant Finding Power: gender and women’s political participation in rural Rajasthan, India  
2004 Sophie Mills Gareth A. Jones Housing the household: gender and empowerment in South Africa Housing
Microfinance Specialist, Habitat for Humanity International
2004 Abel-Perez Zamorano Gareth A. Jones A property rights revolution? Liberalisation of the ejido and the sugar agro-industry in Mexico  
2004 Sophia Skyers Diane Perrons Reconnecting people and communities? Participation in partnerships and the labour market: the impact of local regeneration initiatives
2004 Jangwook Seo Andy C. Pratt Regional consequences of national economic growth in the republic of Korea, 1963 – 2000  



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