The following PhD theses are currently under the supervision of UPD@Geography cluster staff.
  • Inventing Nostalgia through Renovating Cultural Heritage in Urban China
    Yi Jin
    Supervisor: Hyun Bang Shin
  • <Topic TBC>
    Prianjali Mascarenhas
    Supervisor: Nancy Holman
  • Labour Tying Arrangements and Female Agricultural Labour: A comparison between West Bengal and Tamil Nadu
    Taneesha Mohan
    Supervisor: Sylvia Chant
  • The new generation of Chinese migrants: Communication technologies, migration and integration into the Chinese megacity
    Carwyn James Morris
    Supervisor: Claire Mercer
  • From Survival to Social Mobility: The Role of Local Public Policies in Enhancing Urban Informal Economy Performance in Santiago de Chile
    Pablo Navarrete
    Supervisors: Sylvia Chant and Ryan Centner
  • Gender, Adaptive Livelihoods and Household Resilience to Climate-related Disasters in Low-income Urban Areas in the Philippines
    Jordana Ramalho
    Supervisors: Sylvia Chant and Gareth A Jones
  • ‘Hayek and Friedman in the ‘folkhem’? – An Ethnographic Study of Social Democrats’ Experience with neoliberalization in Borlänge’s Labour Commune’
    Carl Truedsson
    Supervisors: Murray Low and Alan Mace
  • University as Real Estate Developer: Locating the Post-Developmental State in East Asia by Examining University Development Projects
    Do Young Oh
    Supervisor: Hyun Bang Shin

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