Prizes and grants awarded to Cities@Geography staff (data from 2008 onwards).
  • Centre for Learning Technology Development Fund
    Hyun Bang Shin, 2009-10; 2012-14
  • Consortium Bid, with LSE colleagues led by ODI and funded by DfID Global Girls Research Initiative: ‘What Works to Transform Girls’ Lives?’
    Sylvia Chant, 2015-2024
  • Growth Research Programme, ‘Agriculture and Growth in Africa’ (Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique), led by Dr Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt, Department of Geography, Lund University, Sweden, funded by ESRC0DFID
    Sylvia Chant, Advisory Team Member, 2014-2017
  • LSE Researcher Development Fund, Field Research Method Lab
    Hyun Bang Shin, 2012-13
  • LSE/STICERD Annual Fund New Researcher Award
    Hyun Bang Shin, 2009-11
  • LSE Academic Collaboration with Arab Universities (Emirates Foundation) Grant with the American University, Beirut
    Romola Sanyal, 2014
  • Newcastle University Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Research Fund
    Romola Sanyal, 2011
  • Social Sciences Korea Programme, National Research Foundation of Korea
    Hyun Bang Shin, 2011-14
  • Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Book Fellowship
    Romola Sanyal, 2009
  • Teaching Development Fund LSE Teaching and Learning Centre
    Hyun Bang Shin, 2009-10
  • Urban Studies Foundation and Urban Studies Journal Seminar Series
    Hyun Bang Shin, 2010-11

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