Economic impacts of international migration to London and the UK

This study focuses on the distinctive characteristics of the new sets of international migrant arriving in the UK (and notably in London) during the past 25 years; how these relate to the incorporation of these groups into the economy/labour markets of cities in particular; the knock-on effects for the city’s activity mix, performance and outcomes for different resident groups; and how these are affected by the origin and legal position of immigrant groups.

Staff member: Ian Gordon with Ioannis Kaplanis, Kath Scanlon, Tony Travers and Christine Whitehead

Project period: 2007 – continuing

Funding: City of London Corporation, GLA Economics and the Economic and Social Research Council via the Spatial Economics Research Centre

Related publications:

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  • Gordon, I. & Kaplanis, I. (forthcoming) ‘Accounting for big city growth in low paid occupations: immigration and/or service class consumption’, SERC Discussion Paper

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