Handling goal-conflicts in compact city/centre development: How is local sustainable planning managed through new planning tools and practices?

This project addresses how cities and municipalities handle in-built tensions and goal conflicts in compact city/centre development, when responding to the call for local sustainable land-use in national legislation (in Norway in the Planning and Building Act from 2008 and the Nature Management Act 2009), and to what extent new and current planning tools and practices serve to facilitate the balancing of conflicting concerns, and to secure inter and intra-generational justice. The project aims to develop new knowledge about how contemporary planning practices and new planning tools ensure participation and a broad knowledge-base for spatial planning, as well as the realisation of different core dimensions of sustainable development. The project has an explicit comparative approach by comparing findings with similar projects in Finland, Denmark, UK and the Netherlands.

Staff member: Alan Mace. The lead partner for the consortium will be Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR), with Professor/ Senior researcher Inger-Lise Saglie as a project leader and Senior Researcher Gro Sandkjær Hanssen, Researcher Hege Hofstad and Senior Researcher Lene Schmidt as participants. University of Life Sciences (UMB) will be a consortium partner, represented by Professor Inger-Lise Saglie, Professor Kine Halvorsen Thoren and Berit Nordahl. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) will be a consortium partner, represented by Professor Tore Sager. In addition, there is cooperate with Copenhagen University (DK), Faculty of Life Sciences, represented by Senior researcher Karina Sehested, Aalto University (F), Centre for urban and regional studies, represented by Professor Raine Mäntysalo, University of Tilburg (NL), Law school, represented by Dr. Laurens de Graaf. The London School of Economics (UK), Department of Geography and Environment, represented by Dr. Nancy Holman.

Project Period: 2010 – 2014

Funding: Democracy, Government and Regions (DEMOSREG II) The Research Council of Norway.

Publications from this research: Research report for commissioning agent.

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