Principal Investigator: Dr Nancy Holman

Co Principal Investigator: Dr Romola Sanyal

Assistance: Dr Mara Ferreri, Alessandra Mossa

Funding: STICERD

The project Informal Housing in London represents an initial and innovative attempt to study the often discussed but little quantified housing crisis in London, which sees the urban poor and increasingly impoverished middle-income residents housing themselves in a variety of both legal and illegal ways. The media is replete with stories of ‘beds-in-sheds’, impossibly small rooms and an ever-rising tide of demand met with a muted trickle of supply. In the context of increasing in-migration to London and a diminution of support for affordable housing how do those on limited incomes house themselves? How does the increasing cost of living play a role in developing ‘alternate’ forms of housing in the city? We aim to consider the various ways in which planning laws are ‘bent’ to create diverse informal living arrangements.