Shrinking city-suburbs: comparative research between Japan and Europe

This research will propose strategies for shrinking edge-urban communities in Japan. Whilst primarily focused on Japan the project draws on international experience of shrinking cities and in particular shrinking suburbs. Some European cities including in the UK and Germany have experienced a marked decline in population and while attention has often focused on the implication for central and inner city areas, this research seeks to extend this focus by looking at suburban areas where shrinking has occurred or is occurring. The project seeks to address a number of challenges facing Japan’s shrinking city-suburbs, including; managing infrastructure, addressing low demand housing types and the impact on and response of communities in these areas.

Staff member: Alan Mace, with Prof. Miki Yasui, Hosei University. Partners include Takashi Miyashiro (professor of community development, Hosei University) and Nobuko Nishina,  research fellow, Chicago University, and Ryokichi Ebiduka, lecturer, Hosei Univ. Prof. Takashi Onishi of the University of Tokyo will act as an advisor.

Project period: 2011-2014

Funding: Hosei University, Japan


In addition to final research report for commissioning agent; anticipated, edited book on international shrinking city-suburbs

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