The enigmatic city: essays on culture and space

The Enigmatic City is an extended writing project based on a number of different research opportunities. Its broad aim is to consider how we might, and should, rethink the city from the viewpoint of spaces and groups that are in some way ‘unconventional’.

The project then seeks to explore the layers of the city and how we think of urbanism and urbanity.

Based on research in Mexico City funded by Leverhulme, the eventual book manuscript moves through a wide variety of spaces and different registers. As one example, research in the Tlatelolco estate, a site of the 1985 earthquake, the project considers how death and horror appears in spaces designed as ‘livable’.

The research also segues with a separate writing project with Romola Sanyal, tentatively entitled Consuming Injustice: development and the theme park. A book proposal of this name is presently under review.

Staff member: Gareth A. Jones

Project period: 2006 to present

Funding: Staff research funds and the Leverhulme Trust

Related publications:

  • Jones, G. A., forthcoming, ‘ “Monsters in the closet”: aesthetics, art and the slum
  • Jones, G. A. forthcoming, ‘Baudelaire’s Ghost: the slum as spectacle in an urban age’, Environment and Planning D: society and space
  • Jones, G. A. and Moreno Carranco, M. (2007) ‘Megaprojects: beneath the pavement, excess’, City, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 143-163

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