New spaces of democracy in post-Apartheid Durban, South Africa

This project establishes a network of researchers in both the UK and South Africa, to carry out research on democratisation, broadly considered, in a particular South African city. The project aims to look at the invention of forms of local democracy within the particular economic, cultural and political context of Durban, and is focusing the interrelations of:

  • elections and institutions underpinning representation (such as electoral districting and electoral procedures)
  • civil society and social movement activity, including issues concerning the relationships between ‘imported’ concepts and techniques of democracy and ‘traditional’ political cultures
  • the connections and tensions between local democratisation and local economic development.

Field research on this project was carried out in Durban in July-August 2003 and April 2004, with research workshops held in Durban in April 2003 and in Milton Keynes in July 2004. The latter workshop involved presentations of preliminary findings from the project to an invited audience of scholars from the U.K., South Africa and the United States.

Staff member: Murray Low, with Jennifer Robinson, The Open University and Clive Barnett, the University of Bristol

Funding: The Leverhulme Trust

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