Spatial Labour Markets

This research focuses on the implications of openness as the distinctive feature of spatial labour markets for understanding both strong processes of adjustment in these, and persistent concentrations of worklessness, and the implications of these for more lines of policy intervention with realistic chances of improving both the efficiency and equity of labour market performance in cities, regions and neighbourhoods.

Staff member: Ian Gordon

Funding: Partly funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (Cities programme and via the Spatial Economics Research Centre) and the OECD

Related publications:

  • Gordon, I. (2006) ‘Labour market integration policies to enhance social cohesion’, in Competitive Cities in the Global Economy, Paris: OECD
  • Gordon, I. & Turok, I. ‘How urban labour markets matter’, pp. 242-264 in Buck, N., Gordon, I., Harding, A. & Turok, I. (eds.) Changing Cities, Palgrave Macmillan

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