dperronsDiane Perrons

Professor of Economic Geography and Gender Studies; Director of the Gender Institute

Email: d.perrons@lse.ac.uk

Room: COL 5.04c, Columbia House, LSE

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Diane joined the LSE in 1995 having previously taught at London Guildhall and Sussex Universities. She is author of Globalisation and Social Change, People and Places in a Divided World (Routledge 2004); co-editor of Gender Divisions in the New Economy: Changing Patterns of Work, Care and Public Policy in Europe and North America (Edward Elgar, 2007); and Making Gender Work (Open University Press 1995) and co-author of Arena of Capital (MacMillan 1983). Her next book – Gender, Migration and Domestic Work: Masculinities, Male Labour and Fathering in the UK and USA (Palgrave) co-authored with Majella Kilkey and Ania Plomien is scheduled for publication early in 2013. Her research and teaching focus on globalisation, gender and inequality; and economic transformation, regional development and social change.

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Research Areas

  • Globalisation, gender and inequality
  • Economic transformation and social change
  • Uneven regional development and inequality
  • Gender, work and care
  • Migration and social reproduction
  • Economic and social divisions in contemporary Europe
  • Sustainable and inclusive development
  • Crisis and recovery



Recent publications:

  • Perrons, D. and Plomien, A. (2010) Why socio-economic inequalities increase? Facts and policy responses in Europe, Report for the European Commission EUR 24471 EN,
  • Perrons, D. (2010) Gender, Work and Poverty in High Income Countries, in S. Chant (eds) International Handbook on Gender and Poverty, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar 409-414
  • Perrons, D (2009)  ‘Spatial and Gender Inequalities in the Global Economy: A transformative perspective, in O. Kramme and P. Diamond’ (eds) Social Justice in the Global Age, (London: Polity)


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