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Professor of Urban Geography

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Room: STC 5.06, St Clement’s Building, LSE

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Gareth is Professor of Urban Geography, Director of the Latin America and Caribbean Centre, a part of the Institute for Global Affairs, and Associate Member of the International Inequalities Institute.

His research interests are in urban geography, with a particular interest in how people make use of the city, how cities are represented by policy and practice. He has conducted research in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, India, Ghana and South Africa. He is editor or author of a number of books, most recently Youth Violence in Latin America: Gangs and juvenile justice in perspective (edited with D. Rodgers, Macmillan-Palgrave, New York). He is presently completing a joint book tentatively entitled Street Corners in a Global World: everyday life and identities of Mexican street youth. He is a Co Principal Investigator on an ESRC-NWO-DFG grant, with Dr Rivke Jaffe (Amsterdam) and Prof. Eveline Durr (LMU), investigating the commodification of urban poverty and violence in four cities in the Americas: Kingston, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. See

Gareth is currently a joint editor of the Journal of Latin American Studies and the European Review of Latin America and Caribbean, and member of The British Academy Area Studies Panel for Latin America and the Caribbean Srudies. He has undertaken consultancy for the Department for International Development (DfID), UN-Habitat, UN Youth Unit and Government of South Africa, and has been a trustee and advisor to a number of Non-Governmental Organisations. He has written a number of short commissioned pieces outside of academia, including for The Royal Opera House and Architecture Foundation.

Gareth’s main teaching contribution is to the MSc Urbanisation & Development, for which he teaches courses on urban policy in the Global South and on urban ethnography, and the International Inequalities Institute.

Research Areas

  • Deconstructing the ‘slum’: representation and the politics of slums,
  • The Chicago School of Sociology reconsidered
  • Elites, identities and cities: gated estates in South Africa
  • Everyday Life and Identities of Street Youth in Mexico
  • Street Youth, Violence and Gangs in Latin America



Recent publications:


  • Jones, G.A., Rodgers, D. (2016) Conflict, Security and Development, in Hammet, D. and J. Grugel (eds.), The Handbook of International Development, Palgrave MacMillan.


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  • Jones, G.A., (2015) Fremde, Zombies und desorientierte Identität in der Post-Apartheid-Stadt (Strangers, Zombies and Disoriented Identity in the Post-Apartheid City), in Susanne Witzgall & Kerstin Stakemeier (eds) Fragile Identitäten, (Munich: Diaphenes, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Munchen). Pp. 126-138.
  • Jones, G.A., (2015). Gentrification, neoliberalism and loss in Puebla, Mexico, in Lees, L.; Shin, H.B and E. López-Morales (eds.) Global Gentrifications: uneven development and displacement, Policy Press. 265-284


  • Jones, G.A., (2014) ‘Where’s the Capital? A geographical essay.’ British Journal of Sociology, 65 (4). 721-735.
  • Jones, G.A.,Thomas de Benitez, S (2014) ‘Lost opportunity: the Lydia Cacho case and child rights in Mexico.’ The International Journal of Children’s Rights. 22 (2). 285-312.
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  • Jones, G.A.(2008) Children and Development II: Youth, Violence and Juvenile JusticeProgress in Development Studies, Vol.8, No.4, pp.345-348.
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  • Thomas de Benitez, S. & Jones, G.A. (2008) Youth on the Streets, United Nations Youth Unit Briefing Paper No. 2, New York: UN Secretariat.



Prof Gareth A Jones gave a paper entitled “Vulnerability, Uncertainty and Violence in Urban Mexico” at the Spaces of Urban Vulnerability Workshop, held at the University of York between 13-14 March 2014. He also presented a paper entitled “Almost lily white: in Durban’s elite gated communities” at the Conference ‘Living in Enclave Cities’ at the University of Utrecht, 21-22 March 2014.

Dr Gareth Jones gave an invited talk entitled ‘Becoming Unstuck: Slums, Mobilities and Aesthetics’ at the International Conference, University of Aalborg, on The Stuck, the Mobile and the Dislocated: Reflections on Life in Ghettos, Slums, Camps and Prisons, 30 Oct-1 Nov 2013.


Favela NGOs rewrite social identities and combat stigma, affirms new LSE study

Pioneering research in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas has mapped the causes of social exclusion and identified methods used to help people break free of their backgrounds which could improve the lives of the urban poor across the globe.

Among the academics involved was Dr Gareth A. Jones of the Department of Geography and Environment, who said that these communities “are not just rejecting the social identity given, but moving towards the social identity they want”.


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