Kathleen Scanlon

Kathleen Scanlon

Research Fellow, LSE London

Email: k.j.scanlon@lse.ac.uk

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Kathleen Scanlon is a Research Fellow at LSE London. Her research interests include comparative housing policy (across all tenures–social and private renting as well as owner-occupation), mortgage finance, and migration. Her research is grounded in economics but also draws on techniques and perspectives from other disciplines including geography and sociology, and aims at improving the evidence base for policy decisions at national or local level. She has worked with a number of national and international institutions including the Council of Europe Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and Denmark’s Realdania foundation. A collector of languages, she speaks Spanish, Italian, Serbian, Danish and a bit of French.

Research Areas

  • Housing finance
  • Housing policy
  • Urban policy



Recent publications:


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