Dr Hyun Bang Shin has introduced a new course on ’Urban Asia and China: Cities, Society and Development‘ to be taught at the annual LSE-PKU Summer School (click here to visit the course outline on the School web site). Please click here to download the outline syllabus.

Informed by interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives, the course explores the characteristics of urban development and the place-specificities of urban growth strategies in the cities of East and Southeast Asia which have experienced accelerated urbanisation in recent decades. Thematic topics include speculative urbanism, politics of urban (re-)development, gentrification, cities of spectacle and mega-events, governance, migration and the right to the city. The course will benefit from taking place in Beijing and make use of a number of China case studies to examine the differences as well as similarities of urban development between Chinese and other Asian cities.

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The 2014 Summer School runs between 11-22 August 2014, and takes place in Beijing. More information on the Summer School can be found here: LSE-Peking University Summer School. Applications for the 2014 entry will be accepted from January 2014. The LSE-PKU Summer School takes place in Beijing every year.

Registration by 31 March 2014 benefits from fees discount.