The Research Seminars in Cities, Space & Development for the 2015-2016 academic year begins on October 6th. These expert-led discussions are open to all. Confirmed topics and speakers for the start of the 2015-16 series can be seen below. If you have any queries please contact Dr Ryan Centner (r.o.centner@lse.ac.uk).

Unless otherwise noted, the seminars take place at LSE on Tuesdays, 4:30pm-6pm in the New Academic Building, room NAB 1.07.

2015 – Michaelmas Term

6th October

“Migrant Infrastructure: Transaction Economies in Birmingham and Leicester”

Dr Suzanne Hall, Julia King, and Robin Finlay (LSE)

[followed by the launch of the “Ordinary Streets” film, based on Suzanne Hall’s research — see https://lsecities.net/media/objects/events/ordinary-streets-film-launch]

13th October 2015

“Toward an Epistemology of Southern Urbanism?”

Dr Seth Schindler (University of Sheffield)

20th October 2015

“Hipsters on the High Street: Retail Gentrification, Class and Disgust”

Professor Phil Hubbard (University of Kent)

27th October 2015

“Moderated: Police Violence and Social Media in Global Context”

Dr Graham Denyer-Willis (University of Cambridge)

5th November 2015  NOTE atypical day — Thursday, not Tuesday

“The Durable Slum: Dharavi and the Right to Stay Put in Globalizing Mumbai”

Dr Liza Weinstein (Northeastern University)

10th November 2015

“Foucault’s Collaborative Projects: Hospitals, Habitat, and Public Infrastructure”

Professor Stuart Elden (University of Warwick)

17th November 2015

“Governing the Multilevel Nature?Society Impacts of Energy Transitions”

Dr Jennifer Baka (LSE)

24th November 2015

“Social Polarisation in Global Cities: Measuring Changes in Income and Occupational Inequality”

Professor Owen Crankshaw (University of Cape Town)

1st December 2015

“The Consolidation of South-South Development Cooperation 2.0: Opportunities, Challenges and Uncertainties in the Decade Ahead”

Dr Emma Mawdsley (University of Cambridge)

8th December 2015

“Shifting Nicaraguan Mediascapes: The FSLN, Indigenous Land Rights and Media Convergence”

Dr Julie Cupples (University of Edinburgh)

19th January 2016

“Household debt and the financialization of social reproduction: Theorising the UK housing and hunger crises”

Dr Adrienne Roberts, University of Manchester

26th January 2016

“Urban middle classes and spatial politics in middle-income countries: Cultures of redevelopment from Rio de Janeiro to Istanbul”

Dr Ryan Centner, LSE

2nd February 2016

“Grand Visions Fizzle: Aspirations and Marginality in Delhi”

Dr Kavita Ramakrishnan, University of East Anglia

9th February 2016

“Dancing around urban cultural commodification: The Buenos Aires queer tango scene”

Dr J. Miguel Kanai (University of Sheffield)

23rd February 2016

“On architecture’s nationality: Mexico City, 1938-1963”

Dr Adam Kaasa (Director of Theatrum Mundi, LSE Cities / Royal College of Art)

1st March 2016

“Dismantling the ‘wealthy middle class’: Locating gentrification in Piketty’s long run of inequality”

Dr Antoine Paccoud (Visiting Fellow in LSE Geography and Environment)

8th March 2016

“‘I wish they’d show us more solidarity’: Bolivian migrants’ lived social citizenship in Chile”

Dr Megan Ryburn (LSE Fellow in LSE Geography and Environment)

22nd March 2016

“Towards a geographical theory of capital switching: Lessons from the Spanish and Moroccan context”

Dr William Kutz (Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Manchester)