Portrait Sylvia Chant, August 2016

Three new volumes in Elgar International Handbooks on Gender for which Professor Sylvia Chant has served as Series Editor since 2011 have been published in close succession this summer on the topics of Gender and Health, Gender in World Politics, and Gender and War.  These are benchmark reference works showcasing original and cutting-edge research on gender worldwide.

Sylvia is delighted to be in the position of helping to recruit and review these Handbooks which should be of interest to scholars, policymakers and practitioners, and, with luck, will act as gamechangers in the 2030 Agenda.

Sylvia has also enjoyed designing some of the book covers in the series, such those of Jasmine Gideon on gender and health and Laura Oso and Natalia Ribas-Mateos on gender, migration and transnationalism.  The covers draw on the inspirational paintings of Suelle Nachif, African Living Art Centre, The Gambia where Sylvia is currently conducting most of her field-based research.

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