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Several Urbanisation, Planning and Development research cluster members will present their work at this year’s International Sociological Association Research Committee 21 on Urban and Regional Development conference. The conference, themed ‘Rethinking Global Urban Justice’, will be held at the University of Leeds 11-13 September 2017. You can find detailed information about the sessions outlined below by downloading the Conference Programme.

UPD Staff Participation

Hyun Bang Shin will convene the sessions Gentrification and Statehood and Gentrification as Method.

Nancy Holman (with Mara Ferreri, Alessandra Mossa and Romola Sanysal) will present the paper ‘Sharing Short-Term Housing in London: Innovation or Policy-Led Informality?’ in the session Holiday Rentals and the Right to Housing

UPD Research Student Participation

Do Young Oh will present the paper ‘The Urban Process and University in East Asia: A Comparative Study of Korea and Singapore’ in the session A Regional Comparative Urbanism?

Jordana Ramalho will present the paper ‘Climate Change, Vulnerability and Community Organising Among Informal Settlers: A Gendered Analysis’ in the session Locating Climate Vulnerabilities at the Urban Crossroads