UPD cluster members convenrgs-logoed or chaired sessions and gave papers during this year’s annual RGS-IBG conference. The 2017 Annual International Conference was held at the Royal Geographical Society in London, from Tuesday 29 August to Friday 1 September 2017. This year’s theme was ‘Decolonising geographical knowledges: opening geography out to the world’.


Staff Presence

Ryan Centner

  • Chairing the session ‘Urban public space and placemaking (2)’ and giving the paper ‘Urban Afterlives: Buenos Aires, An Adjusted City’
  • Convening the session ‘Gay Male Urban Spaces after Grindr & Gentrification (1): Intersecting Urban Geographies of Sexuality & Inequality’
  • Convening the session ‘Gay Male Urban Spaces after Grindr & Gentrification (2): Rethinking Gay Urban Geographies’ and giving the paper ‘The Limits of Urban Mournability? Bearded Drag Zombies and the Flatlining of Gay Nightlife in East London’
  • Giving the paper ‘Remaking Istanbul through Old & New Wounds: Governance, Infrastructure & the Visions of Empire’ in the session ‘Scar-Cities: Middle East urbanisms between violent environments and disrupted governance (2)’

Murray Low

  • Giving the paper ‘How to Avoid “Populism” and Its Redundancy’ with Carl Truedsson in the session ‘A Populist Moment? (2)’

Julie Ren

  • Giving the paper ‘Comparative urbanism takes a regional turn: Art biennials and city-making’ in the session ‘Decolonizing Urban Geography: Where have we got to, what next? (1): Starting Somewhere’

Austin Zeiderman

  • Giving the paper ‘Dredging up the future along the Río Magdalena’ in the session ‘Resource Temporalities (1): Resource-making, Anticipation, Retention’


Research Student Presence

Laura Antona

  • Giving the paper ‘Making Hidden Spaces Visible: Understanding the Place and Home-Making Practices of Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore’ in the session ‘”Placing” knowledges in Social and Cultural Geography: Postgraduate Snapshots’

Harry Pettit

  • Giving the paper ‘Cruel Hope: holding on to the promise of a good life in Cairo’ in the session

Carl Truedsson

  • Giving the paper ‘How to Avoid “Populism” and Its Redundancy’ with Murray Low in the session ‘A Populist Moment? (2)’