UPD Research Student Jordana Ramalho and Professor Sylvia Chant presented at two sessions in the Development Studies Association Conference on Global Inequalities in Manchester 27-29 June 2018.

In a panel convened by Dr Andrea Rigon (UCL) on ‘Social Diversity and In/equalities in Urban Development Interventions’ they talked to the theme of ‘Gender, Puberty and Urban Poverty’: A Case of “Missing Women and Girls” in Slums of the Global South?’. This was based on their work for the DfID-funded Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence (GAGE) project.

Jordana and Sylvia then offered their reflections at a Roundtable entitled ‘From the Golden Globes to the Global South: What Do “Celebrity” Led Gender Equality Initiatives Mean for Gender Equality in the Developing World?’. This was organised by Professor Sarah Bradshaw (Middlesex) with other discussants being Dr Polly Wilding (Leeds), Professor Ruth Pearson (Leeds), and Dr Jenna Murray de Lopez (Manchester).