In June, members of the Urbanisation, Planning and Development cluster gathered for an away day at the October Gallery in London.

Faculty and research students who were able to attend joined in a retreat day of reflection, planning and socialising. Current PhD students joined faculty in the afternoon for tea and cake, and a discussion about the research community and preparation for post-PhD life.


UPD faculty in attendance, pictured from left to right: Ryan Centner, Sylvia Chant, Claire Mercer, Hyun Bang Shin, Alan Mace, Nancy Holman, Megan Ryburn, Gareth Jones and Austin Zeiderman (photo credit: Ryan Centner)
Faculty and Research Students in Attendance, pictured from left to right. Top Row: Gareth Jones, Murray Low, Austin Zeiderman, Alan Mace, Claire Mercer, Hyun Bang Shin, Billy Ndengeyingoma, Ryan Centner, Yi Jin. Bottom Row: Paroj Banerjee, Laura Antona, Megan Ryburn, Meredith Whitten, Nancy Holman, Martina Manara, Carwyn Morris, Yimin Zhao.


Thank you to Paroj Banerjee for coordinating photography.