Congratulations to BA Geography student Arzucan Askin and fellow LSE students Caitlan Read (International Relations) and Marta Santivanez Fernandez (Social Policy) for securing a RGS-IBG Geographical Fieldwork Grant and a Grantham Research Institute grant for their research project entitled ‘Mujeres Tarea Vida’ (Spanish: “Women of the Life Task”)! 

They head off to Cuba on 7 August on a month-long research expedition, during which they will examine the socio-political factors that determine Cuban women’s resilience to natural disasters and their contribution to the country’s plan for climate action. 

Arzucan comments, “We are inexplicably happy about the RGS grant and finally being able to conduct our fieldwork after 8 intense months of planning and researching. Even more exciting is that the RGS has asked us to present this project at their Explore Conference in November! Starting this project from scratch has been a truly rewarding, exciting and (positively) challenging experience.”