Thursday 21 March 2019
Graham Wallas Room, Old Building

Introducer: Irit Katz, Department of Sociology, LSE
Speaker: Oren Yiftachel, Ben-Gurion University, Israel and Visiting Leverhulme Professor, UCL

Chair: Hyun Bang Shin, Department of Geography and Environment and Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, LSE

The talk develops the concept of ‘displaceability’ as a central, yet often overlooked, dimension of urban citizenship. Displacement denotes the involuntary removal of individuals, communities or large collectivities from their houses, lands, rights and locations, as urban regimes. On the basis of studying urban regions of the global ‘southeast’ (Tallinn, Cape Town, Jerusalem and Colombo) the lecture advances three key arguments:

  • The degree of displaceability provides a central foundation for understanding contemporary urban citizenship
  • Displaceability is increasingly related to strategies of urban legal and planning regimes
  • Displaceability is on the rise, creating pervasive new urban criminalities, instabilities and conflicts