The Progressing Planning podcast series focuses on the role of urban planning in fostering change in contemporary society. It is hosted by LSE London, which involves UPD cluster members Fanny Blanc and Nancy Holman. The podcast has featured several other members of the cluster:

Dr Ulises Moreno-Tabarez is a PhD alumni in Human Geography and Urban Studies, and currently a Postdoctoral Associate in the LSE Geography Department. In this podcast episode, he discusses his work on the impact of state and colonial land use and planning on local populations, emphasising the racialised nature of climate change.

Dr Jessie Speer, Assistant Professor in Human Geography at LSE, discusses her work on exclusionary property law in the US, focusing on the intersectional impacts of anti-homeless policies and experiences of housing. In the podcast, she highlights what she sees as the way forward in achieving fairer urban environments.

Dr Romola Sanyal, Associate Professor in Urban Geography at LSE, talks about her work on humanitarian policies to support displaced people and refugees in cities. The podcast discusses how refugees and other forced migrants become ‘city makers’ through inhabiting urban space.

The podcast episodes can be found on Spotify, or on the Progressing Planning website.