Professor of Geography and Urban Studies Hyun Bang Shin has co-edited a book released by LSE Press in early January 2022. Entitled ‘COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: Insights for a post-pandemic world’, it explores the contradictions and inequalities revealed by the crisis of the pandemic, and the meanings of a return to ‘normal’ in the Southeast Asian context. Another co-editor of the book is PhD RUPS alumnus Dr Do Young Oh.

The volume produces a compilation of reflections on the following three themes in particular: (1) Urbanisation, digital infrastructures, economies, and the environment; (2) Migrants, (im)mobilities, and borders; and (3) Collective action, communities, and mutual action. It aims to speak from a situated position to challenge knowledge about the pandemic that has assigned selective and inequitable visibility to certain issues, people, or places. It also analyses the way in which certain interventions are validated in the pandemic’s course.

The book also advances existing understandings of social challenges, risks, or inequities which, without further or better action, are to become features of our “post-pandemic world”. It focuses on decolonising knowledge production, highlighting the significance of Southeast Asia as the first region outside of East Asia to have to contend with COVID-19.

As an open access book, all chapters and the entire volume can be downloaded by readers completely free of charge. The links to download or purchase a copy of the book can be found here.

The Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, of which Hyun Bang Shin is Director, is hosting an event on the 23rd February 2022 to mark the launch of the book. The speakers include the book’s editors and some of its contributing authors. Find out more and register for the webinar here.