We’re very happy to announce that Dr Callum Ward, LSE Fellow in Urban Planning and Geography, has won an LSESU Teaching Award for ‘Personal and Professional Development’! The award is presented by LSE’s Student’s Union, judged by a panel of SSLC departmental reps from across the school, and based on the strength of LSE students’ nominations of their teachers and lecturers.

It is one of ten awards given to academic staff across the whole school. The main criteria of the Personal and Professional Development category were that they help students reach their full potential by developing their skillsets, encouraging students to excel professionally by sharing academic opportunities, and offering tailored support for students.

There was also much success in the Class Teacher awards, in which Iris Lim won the Geography & Environment Department’s teaching award, and Lindiwe Rennert, Melissa Weihmayer, Kavita Dattani and Dr Meredith Whitten were among those highly commended.

Huge congratulations to everyone!