9780754642398Second Homes: European Perspectives: UK Policy

Nick Gallent, Alan Mace, and Mark Tewdwr-Jones

Second homes are once again a source of political and social contention in rural areas. The British government’s decision to reduce Council Tax discounts on second homes in England in April 2004 has caused wide debate in local communities, local authorities, and the media. The debate has not only focused on the vexed Council Tax issue, but on wider rural housing concerns. Questions have been raised as to whether second homes are a major cause of housing affordability problems in rural areas, and whether they lead to the displacement of local people in rural communities. In the face of anecdotal evidence being presented to answer these questions, Second Homes: European Perspectives and UK Policies, offers a more comprehensive analysis of the second homes question as it now exists. This up-to-date and authoritative analysis of second homes draws on the latest research and offers a critical insight into current housing problems in rural communities. Those interested in rural and housing studies will find the book valuable.

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