handbook of political geographyThe SAGE Handbook of Political Geography

Kevin Cox, Murray Low and Jennifer Robinson (Eds.)

Political Geography is a core subdiscipline of Human Geography, the Handbook of Political Geography will provide a highly contextualised and systematic overview of the latest thinking and research. Edited by key scholars, with international contributions from acknowledged authorities on the relevant research, the Handbook of Political Geography is divided into six sections:

  • Scope and Development of Political Geography – key debates; the geography of knowledge; conceptualisations of power; and conceptualisations of scale
  • Geographies of the State – state theory; territory and central local relations; legal and judicial geographies; borders; and states and nature
  • Participation and representation – citizenship; space; electoral geography; place; media public space; and social movements
  • Political Geographies of Difference – class; nationalism; gender, sexuality ; and culture
  • Geography Policy and Governance – regulation; welfare; urban space; planning, environment
  • Global Political Geographies – geographies of imperialism; post-colonialism; globalization; environmental politics; international relations; war; and migration

The Handbook of Political Geography will be the standard work, widely used and highly-cited, by all scholars with an interest in politics and space.